The truth is… I like to write. No really, I love to write. I love to write and I love the city. I find sharing to be one of the most imitate connections that you can have with another human being. Think about it, we can instantly share parts of our lives, our being, with a stranger and somehow they become apart of the fabric of our lives, for the rest of our lives. That's amazing!  Urban Plateau is an online journal, diary, literary pictorial and scrapbook of sorts. It is a way for me, the writer, to express the things that so often go unsaid, share the moments that often remain private, yet are so identifiable by so many. Urban Plateau will indeed declare my love for city life, sweep you in the craze of metropolitan living while allowing you {the reader} to reside in the most intimate spaces of myself and others. You will rest alongside me..in my thoughts. 

The most beautiful things in the world often go unseen. What do you think is beautiful? Who do you know that’s stunningly original and unapologetic about it? As a creative mind, a curious being and an ever evolving work in progress, I must say that Urban Plateau was created to seek the beauty in the things that often go unseen because the routine of life all too often dictates when and how we are to view these things. I, we {a small collective group of others} are here to share the beauty in all of the nouns (persons, places and things) of the world, and maybe just maybe the demands of life will be less burdensome and the monotony of routines that lack creatively will soon drift away. Urban Plateau is here to indulge in words, explore cities, share the experiences of life, and evolve in style. Let's share! This is an open invitation for you {the reader} to join me on my journey.