Listening Pleasure: Me vs. Me

But now I know that there's a difference
Between happy and just saying that
I'm still trying to find it in the midst of all this madness

I was sent this beautiful song a few months ago. Up until that time, I hadn't heard of Stacey Barthe. In fact, I was avoiding the radio and listening to same old playlists as I tirelessly drove up and down roads to get to and from work. I was going through a maze that seemingly had no exit. My feelings of frustration and complaints would be accepted with an open ears by friends and loved ones. I was sad, often too tired to express anything other than discontent and moving in a never ending circle that appeared to be nothing more than a battle with myself. 

Then I heard this song. 

It was beautiful, raw and simply sent to me as a link. A no word text message that shouted, 'take a listen.' I did listen and have yet to hear words written so beautifully and spoken so clearly at the right time. 

Thank you, friend, for passing along the beauty in this song.





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