Lose Myself- The Depth of Music

Music is so transcendent. It fills voids and somehow manages to rest between the spaces that hold resolutions and dreams. It moves beyond race, color, creed and defines emotion. The one thing that easily entangles us all and still manages to create divides that only time is permitted to heal.

I love songs that have great meaning and depth. Not to say that I can't easily shake it up to something incredibly ratchet and soul-less. (Sometimes when you're feeling it, you just are! No judgements) However, words that speak volumes while laced with melody are some of the most beautiful sounds next to early morning bird chirps and ocean waves.

I am a complete fan of Lauryn Hill. Despite her not having in album in the last twenty years; Frankie Beverly can do it! She has a way of putting words together that just make sense. One of her songs, 'Lose Myself' is an all time favorite of mine. However, it is Marsha Ambrosius rendition of the song that truly touches my heart. Besides Marsha's beautiful voice, you can actually hear all of the words to the song. Words that Lauryn wrote in an attempt to express herself, but were drowned out by a heavy track and complicated beat.

I encourage you all to take a listen to both tracks. You will find that the words are the same, yet the delivery is much different. I'm feeling Marsha's version today. Which one touches you?



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